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Current members

Dale Van Harlingen
dvh @ illinois. e d u
Principal Investigator
Juan Atkinson
matkinso @ illinois. e d u
graduate student
high temperature superconductors
Aaron Finck
afinck @ illinois. e d u
Majorana Fermions
David Hamilton
drhamil2 @ illinois. e d u
graduate student
current-phase relationship
Erik Huemiller
huemill2 @ illinois. e d u
graduate student
scanning probe microscopy
Cihan Kurter
kurter @ illinois. e d u
majorana fermions
Chris Nugroho
nugroho2 @ illinois. e d u
graduate student
Kenneth Schlax
schlax2 @ illinois. e d u
graduate student
spin ice
Adam Weis
weis2 @ illinois. e d u
graduate student
high temperature superconductors

Past members

Francoise Kidwingira  
Ph.D. 2007, "Superconducting Order Parameter Domains in Sr2RuO4 Probed by Josephson Interferometry" Postdoctoral Associate, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
kidwingi @
Trevis Crane  
Ph.D. 2005, "Low-frequency 1/F Noise: Low Temperature Measurements and Effect on Superconducting Qubit Dephasing" Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation, IL
tcrane @
Sergey Frolov  
Ph.D. 2005, "Current-Phase Relations of Josephson Junctions with Ferromagnetic Barriers" Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
frolov @
Tony Bonetti  
Ph.D. 2002, "Fabrication and Electronic Transport Properties of Underdoped High Temperature Superconductor Nanowires" Postdoctoral Associate, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
bonetti @
William Neils  
Ph.D. 2002, "Josephson
Interferometry Measurements in High-Tc Grain Boundary
Physicist, Quantum Design Inc,
San Diego, CA
wneils @
Adele Ruosi  
visiting researcher 2001-02 Researcher, University of Naples, Italy
Adele.Ruosi @
Kevin Osborn
Ph.D. 2001, "Superfluid Density Measurements of the Superconducting Phase Transition in Epitaxially-Grown BSCCO-2212 Films" Postdoctoral Associate, NIST, Boulder CO
osborn @
Joseph Hilliard
Ph.D. 2001, "Conductivity and interferometry experiments on YBCO/Pb ramp-edge Josephson junctions" Industrial Scientist, Raytheon, Tewksbury, MA
joseph_hilliard @
Britton Plourde
Ph.D. 2000, "Vortex distributions and dynamics in superconductor near surface and sample edges studied by SSM and critical current measurements" Assistant Professor, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
bplourde @
Brian Yanoff
Ph.D. 2000 , "Temperature Dependence of the Low Temperature Penetration Depth in the Unconventional Superconductor Sr2RuO4" Research Scientist, General Electric, Schenectady, NY 
David Wollman
Ph.D. 1996, "Experimental determination of the symmetry of the superconducting pairing state in YBCO" Staff Scientist, NIST, Boulder CO
wollman @
Stuart Tessmer
Ph.D. 1995, "Quasiparticle bound states in normal metal/superconductor structures probed by scanning tunneling microscopy" Associate Professor of Physics, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI
tessmer @ 
Joe Walko
Ph.D. 1995, "Photon-induced vortex-antivortex pair creation in superconducting films" Industrial Scientist, IBM, Burlington VT
Subashri Rao
Ph.D. 1994, "Effect of disorder on the vortex dynamics in superconducting Josephson junction arrays and clusters' Industrial Scientist, Hewlett-Packard, Corvallis OR
Ralph Schweinfurth
Ph.D. 1994, "Growth, fabrication, and measurements of superconducting BKBO thin films and devices" Industrial Scientist,
Intel, San Jose CA
Jui Tien
Ph.D. 1994, "Current-voltage characteristics of linear chains of submicron Josephson Tunnel junctions" Industrial Scientist,
Intel, San Jose CA
Lan Vu
Ph.D. 1993, "Studies of magnetic vortices in superconductor networks and clusters by scanning SQUID microscopy" CEO, Web Office, Inc., Austin, TX
lanvu @
Fred Sharifi
Ph.D. 1989, "Thermal activation and macroscopic quantum phenomena in superconducting devices" Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Florida,
Gainesville FL
fred @
Gene Hilton
Ph.D. 1989, "Non-equilibrium excitations in superconducting aluminum and high temperature superconducting devices" Staff Scientist, NIST, Boulder CO
ghilton @
Kendall Springer
Ph.D. 1988, "Phase dynamics and magnetic field response of proximity-coupled superconductor arrays" Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos NM
kendall @ 
Ron Wakai
Ph.D. 1987, "Fluctuations in dc SQUIDs: quantum noise effects, low frequency noise, and single electron trapping" Associate Professor of Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI
wakai @

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