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DVH group vendors list

Newest Additions:
Ion Milling Instructions ( by A. Weis )
Flow Through Magnet Instructions ( by A. Weis )

Mask Writing:
Mask Writing Directions (by B. Plourde)

TB.JOB - most recent .JOB file (Trombone, darkfield)
LIGHT.JOB - example .JOB file for lightfield mask
wkn1.job - example .JOB file for darkfield mask
VHP1, VHP2 - more .JOB files
Job Request Form for Mask Submissions
Download form.pdf here for electronic submission.

Temperature Standard:
Amphenol Plug Temperature Standard

QD SQUIDs Specs:
A53.4 ; A56.16

Raith e-Line:
Operating Notes (by M. Colci O'Hara)

Kelvinox 400 Dilution Refrigerator:
Operating Notes (by S. Frolov)
Cooling Power Test

Ithaco Preamps:
Care And Feeding of the Preamps

Sputtering Systems in rm. 316:
Edwin Sputtering System Operating Instructions (by S.Frolov)
SFS Sputtering System Operating Instructions (by W.Ong)

Laser Ablation:
Laser Ablation Directions
(for Lambda-Physik)

AZ 5214E Photoresist Product Data Sheet
PR Processing Sheet (MS Word)

3He Insert:
Operating Instructions (by W. Neils)

Fridge Manual:
Top Loader Manual

Crystal Polishing:
Guide to Polishing Crystals (by J. Strand)

Emergency Contact Info Form:
in pdf format || in xls (Excel) format

Trevis' LaTex2e template for his thesis
Tex Template for Theses

Historical group logos (for talks etc.):

logo1 - SQUID and the name
logo2 - just the SQUID
logo3 - just the name


Adele and Bruce's Urbana wedding
Group members 2001 (for the website)
Ancient group picuters
TLM Fridge Installation Photos
Bill's graduation
Barbeque at the Dog Pound
Pictures of our equipment
Tony Bonetti in Japan
While Dale was in Berkeley
Kelvinox 400 installation
Tony Leggett - Nobel Prize


Directions to DVH house
Fabrication of Urbano

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